Research and development

The activity of Research / Development constitutes an important component of the company for which every year is allocated considerable resources. ZOOM SOFT holds over 10 patents in the field of printing and of the optical ­ variable security devices. Also, our company has implemented four ­technological and innovative projects which have received European financing.

The efficiency of this department has been demonstrated by numerous realizations, among them are:

– Printing the whole Bible on one page A4. Microtext printed is twice smaller than the one used for securing the 500 Euro banknotes;

– The successful completion of the project NICEDOT ­ Innovative Printing Methods at high screen ruling Raster ­ where we managed the exposure of tipographical conventional plates at screen rulings of up to 420 lpi, offering an impressive quality to the prints, close to the photographic one ;

– Making the first steps in achieving an innovative holographic label, bio­degradable, representing a component of a unique system of traceability and security;

– The development of a laser system capable to engrave deep …

– The realisation of a tracking system for small manufacturers of traditional products which provide data about the the type of product, date of production and the term of validity, information about the origin or about the manufacturer.

We are proud of the fact that any request from our customers is carefully analyzed by this department, and if one of the existing solutions is not fully adapted to the needs of the respective project we can offer in a very short term, an alternative, efficient solution, 100% committed to fulfilling its intended purpose.