track-trace3Holograms are optical ­ variable devices with security-­role , based on a technology for which their inventor, the physicist Dennis Gabor received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971.


The main advantage of these labels is that they can not be counterfeited because they are made with the help of a hologram master that requires expensive, specialized and technologically advanced equipments. As proof, worldwide, there are certified only about 100 manufacturers of optical ­ variable­ devices for securing elements.


track-trace The holograms may differ one from each other depending on the optical security level that is used to create each hologram master. ZOOM SOFT pushed forward the concept of security awarded to the holographic labels by integrating them with other product technologies and services into a unique security and traceability system , adaptable to any company, regardless of its profile.

Custom solutions


Custom holograms offer the highest level of security to combat counterfeiting and the highest added value to the brand it secures / promotes.
They represent a solution 100% dedicated to meet all of your project requirements and is completely adaptable starting with the size, shape, design and security embedded elements, the level of protection offered, the support on which can be created (silver­most common, gold or transparent) etc.
The manufacturing process is the most complex from all kinds of labels and requires a design process based on the elements provided by the client. Once the the graphics is approved, we can proceed to making a hologram master that is used at realization of the individual holographic labels. For additional security, we record in your company’s name the design of the custom hologram to the International Hologram Manufacturer's Association, IHMA (an organisation to which is affiliated ZoomSoft since 2004), to make sure that no other manufacturer of holograms will not try to replicate the hologram created exclusively for you, unless he is authorized by you. In this regard will be released by IHMA an international registration certificate.
Many of the security elements included in our holograms are patented by ZOOM SOFT or are patent-­pending and the technologies and the know­how used are accessible to a very small number of manufacturers, even worldwide, a consideration which offers a decisive advantage against any attempts to counterfeit.

Generic hologram Solutions


Generic holograms represents the best compromise between cost and quality and ZoomSoft’s solution to provide security solutions for the projects that do not receive the necessary time to achieve a customized solution or which have a limited budget. Basically, is about a default background, previously made by Zoom­Soft, that can be customized with texts, logos or number series to answer your needs.
It should be taken into consideration that although it represents a cost­efficiency solution, it does not offer the same level of security or adaptability like the one provided by custom holograms.

We have avaible two backgrounds of two sizes, 16x16 mm and 22X25 mm, as you can see in the picture.