despre-noiZOOM SOFT is one of the leading companies in preparation for printing services, bringing through the quality a competitive advantage essential for our clients.

With an experience of over 14 years in the prepress industry, ZOOM SOFT opened the way of CTP technology by introducing the first system of its kind in Romania, since 2000.

The services offered are: exposure of CTP platesprinting films, distribution and service of CTP equipment and spare parts, equipment and specialized software for print quality control.

The Equipments of last generation completed by the accumulated experience, guarantees the quality of services and products and, just as important, reduced time of execution (the exposing time of a plate with the format 70x100 it takes approx 2 min).

The company management is involved in the daily activity in the company, assuring the achievement of quality standards imposed.



The quality system is according with ISO 9001: 2008 and is supported by the entire staff of Zoom Soft, organized and led by Mihai Necsulescu, general manager and prepress specialist with over 20 years experience in the field.

The exposed plates are measured to respect the standard set by the company, by reproduction on the plate between 0.1% and 99.9% in any raster screen ruling. The raster point is exposed to 175, 200, 250, 300 and 420 lpi at equivalent resolution of 9000 dpi .



The activity of Research / Development constitutes an important component in the production process, recording significant results in all areas of activity of the company.

On prepress segment, over time were created and materialized several projects. Among these, are printing the entire Bible, Old and New Testaments on a single A4 format. The microtext printed by ZoomSoft is twice lower than the 500 euro banknote.

Another success is the project "Innovative methods for Raster Printing at high screen ruling" within which we manage the exposure of CTP plates at screen ruling up to 420lpi.

Dedication to quality and maintenance of high standard at offered products and services has been materialized in achievement of a control equipment to printed forms made up of a digital microscope and a dedicated software, comercialised under the name Micro PlateReader.